Digital Marketing & AI Marketing Systems Consultant

Working with established Entrepreneurs and B2B Service Providers, looking to invest in revenue growth, expand their client base, and increase market share.

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Hello! I'm Jeff Lizik, the driving force behind RedShift Digital Marketing Agency.

My journey in the digital world has been nothing short of extraordinary – from scaling a multi-million dollar e-commerce business to swiftly climbing the corporate ladder and now leading a community of passionate digital marketers.

My secret? A relentless pursuit of efficiency, a knack for distilling complex concepts into actionable insights, and an unwavering commitment to the 80/20 rule in marketing.

At, I blend these experiences with a healthy dose of innovation, challenging the status quo every step of the way.

I’m not just another marketer; I’m your strategic partner in crafting narratives that resonate and strategies that deliver results.

I'm here to fuel your growth, streamline your processes, and help you achieve digital marketing mastery.

My Services

Marketing Strategy

Craft data-driven strategies to elevate your brand, stand out in the digital landscape, and achieve remarkable results with our expert guidance.

12-Month Marketing Plan

Transform your marketing strategy into actionable monthly plans, ensuring precise execution and alignment with long-term goals.

Marketing AI Systems

Leverage cutting-edge AI solutions to enhance marketing efficiency, automate insights, and stay ahead of the curve in the digital marketing world.

Let's Tackle You Biggest Marketing Challenge

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