Oct 4, 2022 2 min read

A Word About Social Media Marketing Traffic

I was just checking out my traffic stats at Google Analytics.  Out of my top five traffic generators, four of them someway, somehow tie to social marketing.  Now understand, organic search is my top driver, but the next five social media driven.

Understanding what is available to you in the social media arena is an important part of setting up your traffic system.  Everywhere you turn someone is talking about twitter, Squidoo, HubPages, Facebook, etc...

There are a few of these sites that you should be researching, understanding and using, if you are not already.  I am going to cover a few of these and explain how I use them to drive traffic to my sites over the next month or so.

This post is just a brief introduction so to stay in the loop on my tactics for using social media as part of my traffic system (some of these tactics are only available in expensive, paid courses but you can get them here for free!) then sign up for my feed at the top left, follow me on Twitter or Facebook or sign up and get a copy of my killer new report:  Are You Running a business or Just Playing on the Internet:  A No BS Guide to Getting Unstuck and Making the Money that You Deserve Online.

The benefits of social media sites are many and one of the great benefits is that they are free!  Social media is also easy to use to generate quality, targeted traffic while allowing you to promote your site(s) with minimal time invested.

By far, my favorite social sites are Twitter, Squidoo and Facebook.  The rest of the sites that I use add up to make-up my Web 2.0 Content Site traffic generation tactics.  We'll talk about those in this series also.

My top traffic generator, aside from organic traffic, is from my efforts on Twitter.

I really like to use Squidoo to get a jump on a niche, promote my articles on the same niche and to build some quality links.

I have Facebook setup as a completely automated tool right now that I check in on once or twice a week to make some new connections and to talk to a few people.

As I mentioned earlier, I am going to spend the next few posts talking about social media and how I use it as a major part of my traffic system.  I'll start with a brief overview of the Twitter and then jump in to the specific tools, techniques and resources that I am using to drive traffic using Twitter.

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