Oct 4, 2022 2 min read

One Surefire Way to Prevent Internet Marketing Success

Is this the only thing that could prevent your internet marketing success?  

Of course not!  

Is this something preventing thousands from reaching their dreams?

Hell yeah!

How much new information are you presented with every single day? How many new products do you "checkout" each week? How many new sales letters do you read that promise you a newer, easier, faster way to make money online?

We are all bombarded by the latest, greatest products, shortcuts, money-making tactics, and more daily.  My inbox was packed with hundreds of offers, product launches, and affiliate promotions every week.  I used to tally one hundred in a day sometimes.

All of this information and all of these promises are nothing but distractions.  How many of these things do you get absorbed in and read the entire sales letter? Download that trial?  Or even buy the product because it only cost a few bucks and you have some time next week to read it!

You and I both know that these things are holding you back.  Before you know it an hour has gone by, then two.  You look at the clock, wondering where the time went, and struggle to gain focus to get into some real work for the evening.  Just face it, at this point you are screwed.  Hours have gone by and you have got nothing done.

Well let me give you a few tips I have picked up over the past year that have helped me tremendously.

  • Pick only a few people to follow - you do NOT need to be on every single list in the universe
  • Unsubscribe from every single person that brings no value to your work - just do it now
  • Use filters and rules in your email program so that the emails that you are receiving do not pile up a mile high
  • Create one folder where all of these emails get deposited
  • Clean out this folder regularly - take action on every email whether you delete, print or actually put something into action, DO NOT leave any in there once reviewing, you cannot afford the backlog
  • Delete ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING promoting a new product launch - you have lived without it this long, you can live without it until you can get some good honest feedback on it

I can go on and on about ways to combat info overload and most people won't take action to help themselves out of this vicious cycle but hopefully you will.  This is just the tip of the iceburg.  Follow these few pointers and enjoy a few more hours of productivity this week and then drop me a line and let me know how it went!

How is your internet business progress moving along?  And, are you staying focused and planning ahead?

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