Oct 4, 2022 2 min read

Staying Focused & Planning Ahead

Staying Focused & Planning Ahead
Photo by Kyle Glenn / Unsplash

Last week I took some time for a little R&R.  But before I took some time off I totally goofed up.

You see, I have been posting some good content two to three times a week.

With this in mind, I figured that it would a breeze to write a few posts while traveling with family.  BOY was I wrong.  I worked on some keyword research when I was away and was able to get up a good post helping others perform the same task.

But that was it!  One post.  Bada boom, bada bing!  Before I knew it, the week was over, and I did not get what I wanted to accomplish done.  I could have easily avoided this.

Robert Plank has a really good book called Time Management on Crack. One of the chapters focuses on "short bursts" and "marathons".  The idea behind this chapter is to wipe out a lot of work in a short period of time.  But we're not talking about just any work.  We're talking about focused, same task work.

So how does this apply to my situation above and your business in general?

I easily could have spent a few hours and written a good four to six quality blog posts.  So last week while traveling (and this week with some scheduling nightmares) I would have been able to contribute a lot more to your advancement and pursuit of success.  Instead, I wrote two posts in two and am completely disappointed that I did not heed Robert's advice and pound out a good half dozen or more posts a few weeks ago.

How many blog posts can you write in a four-hour marathon session?  How many articles can you write or videos can you create?  It's pretty easy to figure out.  If you spend some short bursts or marathon sessions creating content, you free up a ton of time for yourself or focus on promoting this great content you created.

If you are not getting as much content out there as you would like, put aside a few hours this weekend.  FOCUS on content creation and schedule that content to be posted for you.  It will be a great relief and a load off your shoulders.  And if you do this every weekend for a few months you will soon have a year's worth of great content, and you will be able to focus your efforts elsewhere.

Try it and let me know if it helps!

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